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Student Shuttle Transportation

Student Shuttle Transportation. All Kinds of Student Service   Freight  Services are provided. As Karkoç Tur, School Bus Transportation, Ankara Student Shuttle Transportation  We offer our services to you, our valued customers.

  • We provide Personnel, Student transportation service under the name of Student Service transportation.

  • All Kinds of Student Shuttle Transportation is done

  • Daily service Rental

  • Student Service  Rental Ankara

  • Student Shuttle Transportation Ankara

  • Student Shuttle Transport Companies

  • Student Shuttle Transport fees

  • School bus


  It provides Student Shuttle Transportation with new model vehicles that comply with the necessary regulations and are equipped...

We provide service with our friendly and experienced staff, taking into account the safety of our children and their right to travel comfortably.

  Student transport  Students who do not receive the service may encounter some difficulties. In most provinces, traffic occurs during the commuting and returning hours. During these hours, students also go to their schools. As a result of this situation, students are affected by traffic and get tired in vehicles and experience some problems such as not being able to reach their school. However, students who receive shuttle services from companies providing transportation services get on their shuttles at certain times and arrive at their school at the time they should be at their school without fail. In this way, students do not have problems such as traffic or catching up to school.


  Both school administration and parents  student transport  They have to be very careful about it. Easy and comfortable transportation of students will keep them away from unnecessary fatigue. When choosing a company that provides services in the field of transportation, you should pay attention to the fact that the company has the necessary documents in the field of transportation and that the employees consist of people who have the necessary documents to go to traffic. You can also ease the transportation of students by using this service from the transportation area.

  We also provide insurance coverage to the students we transport.


  • Experienced,

  • Following the trainings and seminars in the sector,

  • Knowing and obeying the traffic rules,

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