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 As KARKOÇ, it was established in 1993 on an area of 20 m2 and started this journey with a single vehicle, and since its establishment, it has taken firm steps forward with its regular, self-sacrificing, safe and honest works and over time, it has undertaken the transportation of the establishment, official institution personnel and student shuttles and still continues these successfully.

   By increasing the number of vehicles in the course of time, it continues on its way with sure steps with its vehicles in compliance with the highway law regulations, experienced, honest and respectful managers, and experienced personnel.


   The increase in the number of vehicles in a metropolitan city like Ankara is due to the lack of technical infrastructure and so on. It delivers you in the most comfortable, calm and timely manner from the traffic ordeal that increases day by day for reasons.


  Being aware of all its responsibilities, KARKOÇ TOURISM strictly complies with the conditions in the labor law, road transport law, service vehicles service regulation, and provides timely access to your homes or workplaces without wasting time and by getting rid of the traffic ordeal in the least possible way.



   All our service drivers


1. Responsible


2. Complying with traffic rules


3. At the peak of work experience


4. Have all commercial vehicle license


5. At least 5 years of work experience


6. Who cares about their clothes


7. They are disciplined friends


All our service vehicles


1. Between 0-5 years old


2. Periodic maintenance on time and regularly


3. Emphasis is placed on internal and external cleaning.


4. Comfortable heating cooling system running flawlessly


5. Vehicles with Traffic, Motor Vehicle, Optional, Financial Liability Insurance and Seat Insurance



Company owner

“Nothing improves intelligence like traveling.”  

Emile Zola

“If you want to learn, you have to travel.”

      Mark Twain

Call us

0545 571 7 571
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