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Gabon Visa

Gabon Visa


How to Get Gabon Visa?

Does Gabon Require a Visa?


Turkish citizens with a General (Burgundy), Service (Grey), Special (Green) passport who plan to travel to the Republic of Gabon are subject to a visa, while Turkish citizens with a Diplomatic (Black) passport can travel without visa for 90 days.


Gabon's Visa Types

  • Tourist Gabon Visa

  • Business Gabon Visa


How to Apply for a Gabon Visa?

Visa applications of Turkish citizens planning to travel to Gabon  They can apply for a visa by making an appointment with the Gabon Embassy.


Required Documents for Gabon Visa

Gabon Tourist Visa


  •   Passport valid for at least 6 months (not older than 10 years and your old passports)

    • 2 photographs with a white background

    • Flight and Hotel Reservations

    • Photocopy of the passaport

    • Photocopy of identify card

    • Visa request petition addressed to the Consulate General of Gabon, stamped on company letterhead and signed by the authorized signatory, (The content must include the phone numbers for what purpose, when to go, how long to stay, and residence address information in Turkey.)


Gabon Business Visa


• Passport valid for at least 6 months (not older than the last 10 years and your old passports)

• 2 photographs with a white background

• Flight and Hotel Reservations

• Photocopy of the passaport

• Invitation (Invitation with the applicant's passport number and name on the letterhead of the inviting company.

• Photocopy of identify card

• Invitation

• Visa request petition addressed to the Consulate General of Gabon signed by the company's letterhead and signed by the authorized signatory- (The content must include the phone numbers, the address of residence in Turkey for what purpose, when to go, how long to stay.)


**For clear information about the documents to be prepared for visa application, the Consulate/Embassy of the relevant country or visa consultancy centers should be consulted.


How Many Days Does Gabon Visa Take?

It is concluded between 5 and 15 working days.


Gabon Visa Fee

Visa Duration  Visa Type Number of Entry Total Fee

1 Month Touristic  1 Entry 180 EUR

1 Month Commercial  1 Entry 180 EUR

3 Months Touristic  Multiple entry  230 EUR

3 Months Commercial Multiple Entry  230 EUR


Countries That Gabon Wants/Doesn't Want a Visa

The Republic of Gabon only allows citizens of Morocco and South Africa to obtain a visa on arrival. In addition, citizens of Brazil, Benin, Ivory Coast, France, Egypt, Mali, Guinea countries with diplomatic, service and special passports do not need a visa.



Gabon  or officially  Republic of Gabon,  Africa  It is a country located in the central part of the continent. The country's border neighbors in the north  Cameroon, in the northwest  Equatorial Guinea  with the south and east  Republic of the Congo  forms. If the border in the western part of the country is  including the Gulf of Guinea  the Atlantic Ocean  forms.  Equator  If the capital of the country located on the line  It is Libreville.

A view from Gabon

It is located in the central part of the African continent from the western Atlantic Ocean coast to the east.  Gabon, located in an area extending to the Congo Basin, has a total of 267,667  It has a surface area of km². The country has a total of 2,251  298 km from the land border  km is Cameroon, 350  km of Equatorial Guinea and 1,903  km is formed by the Republic of the Congo, while the country also has 885 kilometers of access to the Atlantic Ocean.  km of coastline. The country, which has low valleys in the coastal parts of the western regions, 200% as it moves inland.  It rises gradually at the end of km, reaching high altitudes in the eastern parts.

The country's largest river  Ogowe  1,200 in total  It has a length of km. Originating in the Republic of Congo and flowing towards Gabon, the river forms a delta at the Gulf of Guinea in the west of the country, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Today, there are different data about the highest point of Gabon, with differences of up to 500 m between sources. It has an overall height of 1,575 m.  Mount Iboundji  It is accepted as the highest point of the country.[5]  Important elevations in the northeastern and southern parts of the country are at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level.

in different parts of Gabon approximately two billion years ago.  Proterozoic Era  There are rocks dating back to ancient times. These rocks belong to very ancient times.  fossils  and the most famous  oklo  natural nuclear reactors.


Climate  |  change source]

Humid tropical climate conditions prevail throughout the country. January is the warmest month, with an average of 31 in Libreville during this period.  While the temperature values of °C are measured, the lowest temperatures are on average 23  °C level. Average temperature values in July are the highest 28  °C, min 20  °C values. During the June-September periods, the country experiences the driest and dryest periods, and humidity values are high in this period. The heaviest rainfall in Gabon occurs in December and January. Average annual precipitation across the country is 2,540  mm and this ratio is 3.810 especially in the northern parts near the coast.  up to mm.


Natural resources  |  change source]

In terms of natural underground riches in Gabon  of oil  Besides the  natural gas,  Diamond,  niobium,  manganese,  uranium,  gold,  timber  and  iron  while there is  hydraulic energy  plays an important role in its production.


Population  |  change source]

Gabon is one of the countries where the population density is very low on the African continent. Almost half of the country's population lives in the three major cities of the country, while the other half resides in the remaining regions. Especially the inner parts of the country and the northern regions are almost uninhabited areas.

Gabon has a young population, with 59.53% of them aged 0-24, according to 2018 estimates. Only 3.91% of the country is 65 years or older.[6]

0-14 years:  37.45% (male 405,676/female 387,900)
15-24 years:
  22.08% (male 245,490/female 222,343)
25-54 years:
  31.6% (male 355,348/female 314,344)
55-64 years:
  4.96% (male 54,679/female 50,356)
65 years and older:
  3.91% (male 40,721/female 42,179)

The proportion of people living in the city is 89.7% according to 2019 data, while the remaining 10.3% of the population lives in the rest of the country. The annual population increase rate in the country is 2.73% according to the 2018 estimation data.[6]


Ethnic groups  |  change source]

Today, 40 different ethnic groups live in Gabon. Among these ethnic groups, the majority are Bantu ethnic groups, and the largest and most politically influential group among Bantu groups is the Mpongwe-Fang group. In the group that makes up one third of the country's population, 31% of the members refer to themselves as Mpongwe and 7% as Fang. Apart from this group, other ethnic groups in the country are Mbete (15.5%), Bapunu (15%), Tsabatis (14%), Batazis (9.5%), Bateke (4%) and 1.5%. as the oldest communities in the region  They are pygmies. Apart from these groups, Europeans, mostly French (~60,000) and living in big cities, live in the country.

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